Toby Terpstra

Principal Forensic Animator
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Toby Terpstra’s area of specialty involves creating visualization products based upon scientific data and physics. Using photogrammetry, video analysis, 3D digitization, and other analysis tools, he visually reconstructs and animates vehicular accidents, sports-related incidents, shooting incidents, industrial accidents, and product liability/component failures. Working in conjunction with medical experts, ballistic experts, accident reconstructionists, and numerous other experts, Mr. Terpstra uses physically accurate 3D animations to visually demonstrate complex interactions, event sequencing, injury causation, and visibility in a clear and concise manner. Mr. Terpstra’s experience and ongoing research has qualified him to testify as an expert in these areas.

As Principal Forensic Animator, he has published peer-reviewed research in the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Accident Reconstruction Session on the topics of photogrammetry and lens distortion, and serves as a peer reviewer for research papers in the Occupant Protection: Accident Reconstruction Session for the SAE World Congress.

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