Ski Collision

Accident Reconstruction Case Study

In this ski collision accident reconstruction case study, a young experienced skier decided to attempt a 360 degree, blind jump over a berm. This resulted in a collision between himself and another skier. The other skier suffered a neck and shoulder injury, and the skier attempting the jump suffered an ankle injury. Kineticorp was hired by Jim Gigax to investigate and gather the physical evidence to determine where the contact occurred between the two skiers and develop a reconstruction of the accident.

The Process:

Throughout the case, Forensic Animators Toby Terpstra and Tomas Owens analyzed the witness statements, scanned the scene in order to preform camera matches and also recorded speeds of general ski traffic through the accident scene using a radar gun. Toby Terpstra also skied the accident scene several times to get a better understanding of the rate of speed. In addition, Tomas Owens analyzed the young experienced skiers’ YouTube channel where he had several videos of himself skiing and preforming different maneuvers including 360 degree spins. Taking into account the physical evidence, witness statements, radar gun readings and YouTube videos, our team was able to create several animations from different perspectives, which were grounded in physics.

The Results:

The case resulted in a favorable settlement for the client. More information can be found at our clients’ website,

The Team:

Toby Terpstra, Tomas Owens

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