Photogrammetry Simplified

Video Transcription

Photogrammetry Simplified

William: Maximus, would you like to help me with an experiment? Um, yeah!

Kineticorp uses a lot of interesting tools to do our analysis. One of the tools we use is called ‘photogrammetry.’ It’s not new technology. It’s actually old. It relies on the laws of perspective to analyze photographs to determine things like distances and the shape and sizes of objects. Now, the process of photogrammetry, it’s relatively simple. You look at a photograph, as long as you have some context in that photograph you can determine the size and shape and location of other objects that are in there. So, I setup an experiment with my four-year-old son, his name is Maximus, because I figured it’s such an easy process that even a four-year-old can do it.

“Do you see this chair?” “Yeah…” “And do you see that box?” “Yeah.” “Can you go place the box and the chair as you see them in that photograph for me.” “Sure…this goes here. And this goes here!” “Are you sure?” “Yeah…that’s where they go.” “Thank you.”

Maximus was given a photograph to look at that has two objects in it, with a specific orientation, and he was to take those objects and place them in the room as he sees them in the photograph. And that’s what the video is of.