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Dear Potential Client,
If you have come accross this page, I am sure you have some questions about who we are, and what we do. Let’s start with something that really drives our culture towards a sincere development of expertise… research.

From the beginning Kineticorp has intentionally developed a culture that encourages and supports the true development of expertise via research. Sure, peer-reviewed publications make for great bullet points on a CV, but that isn’t what motivates us to invest time and money into research. We understand that our research, publications, and testing establish the foundation for us to thoroughly and confidently answer complicated questions on cases. When our experts step into mediation, depo or trial, they know their methodologies have already been criticized and picked apart through the process of peer-reviewed research. This gives them genuine confidence in their opinions; confidence that is necessary to effectively communicate the answers to complex questions. Although the concept of investing time and energy into research isn’t a unique notion amongst experts in our field, the volume of research our team consistently contributes to the accident reconstruction community is unique…

Kineticorp submitted 11 of the 18 accident reconstruction publications to SAE WORLD Congress in 2019.  With over 80+ publications, 2 books (Rollover Crash Reconstruction, Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction), and numerous instructed course and presentations, we have the type of certainty in our methodologies that can only be derived from firsthand knowledge.   This firsthand knowledge is then applied to our casework.   

Over the past 14 years, we have worked on 2,000+ cases in 46 US states and 5 countries.  We have presented our findings with confidence in 261 mediations, depositions, and/or trials.  Our research has afforded us the ability to answer difficult questions related to complicated accidents throughout the US and Internationally.

Our purpose is simple; to create a team that has the ability to confidently and thoroughly answer complex questions related to accident cases.  If you are currently litigating a case where you are looking for confident through answers to complex questions, we are more than happy to take a look at case materials and give you our recommendations.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.


The Kineticorp Team 

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