Nick Sousa

Forensic Animator

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Nick Sousa is a Forensic Animator at Kineticorp, specializing in 3D animation software and techniques to create and animate accident scenes, architecture, and vehicles. Mr. Sousa uses his skill in 3D modeling, rendering, lighting, and mapping to further the field of accident reconstruction.

A 3D artist, Mr. Sousa formerly created 3D models of homes for an architectural firm. This work involved creating pre-visualizations of homes before and during construction, to show clients how both interior and exterior will appear once completed.

Mr. Sousa’s experience also includes visually constructing and modeling important landmarks known around the world for the 3D Bing Maps Application.

  • Autodesk: 3DS Max
  • Autodesk: Maya
  • Autodesk: Mudbox
  • Adobe: Photoshop
  • Adobe: Illustrator
  • Adobe: After Effects
  • Pixologic: Zbrush
  • Unity
  • The Foundry-Nuke

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