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Research on Edwards Corner

Edward’s Corner, an infamous portion of Mulholland Highway in California, which is notorious for motorcycle accidents, provides an ideal backdrop for high-side motorcycle crash research. Motorcylce Accident Reconstruction Experts, Nathan Rose and Neal Carter, documented the physical characteristics of this curve and used their own on-site research, as well as analysis of videos obtained from YouTube to help determine key factors in high-side motorcycle crashes.

Publication Introduction:

This paper investigates the dynamics of four motorcycle crashes that occurred on or near a curve called Edwards Corner that is on a section of the Mulholland Highway called “The Snake” [1,2,3]. This section of highway is located in the Santa Monica Mountains of California, about 30 miles northwest of Hollywood. All four accidents were captured on video and they each involved a high-side fall of the motorcycle and rider. The videos of these crashes were captured by Ken Snyder, a photographer who captures video at Edwards Corner and posts footage of crashes on his YouTube channel under the name RNickeymouse. Ken Snyder provided the raw video for 3 of the 4 crashes analyzed in this article….Read more

Full Publication:

SAE 2017-01-1413 – Video Analysis of Motorcycle and Rider Dynamics During High-Side Falls


Nathan Rose, Neal Carter, David Pentecost, Alireza Hashemian

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