Motorcycle Lean Angle

Accident Reconstruction Case Study

In this motorcycle accident reconstruction case study, we examine some of Kineticorp’s unique testing capabilities. This case involved a group of motorcyclists traveling on a mountainous highway. As they approached a curve, one of the motorcyclists lost control and entered oncoming traffic. A fatality resulted. Kineticorp was hired to reconstruct the accident and determine how the rider’s inexperience may have contributed to the accident. The videos below give a behind-the-scenes look at the investigation, testing, and analysis that went into this case.

The Process:

This case involved documenting the subject curve and other curves and performing testing to determine how a rider would traverse these curves. Kineticorp’s William Neale traveled the same route as the motorcyclist that was involved in the accident.  A VBOX (an industry accepted data acquisition system) was attached to the motorcycle to measure the lean angle and speed. Nathan Rose and Neal Carter followed William with GoPros attached to the chase vehicle to document the ride and the lean angles. In addition, several curves of the ride were documented via drone footage and scan data. The data was then taken back to the office where Nathan Rose and Neal Carter analyzed the data.

The Results:

Shortly after the testing was performed the case settled. Given the data we collected on this case, it presented a great opportunity to develop a publication based on the analysis of the data which is currently in the works. The research paper will published through the Society of Automotive Engineering.

The Team:

Nathan Rose, William Neale, Neal Carter

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