Missing Washer

Accident Reconstruction Case Study

This case involved a truck that experienced a roll over, severely injuring the driver.  The driver alleged that maintenance done by a dealership caused the accident due to a missing washer on the vehicles shock tower.  Kineticorp was hired to reconstruct the accident and determine if in fact the missing washer was the cause of the accident.

The Process:

As with most cases, our team started with the physical evidence.  The challenge with this case is that we were hired to investigate the accident 5 years after it occurred and 3 years after the suite was filed. Kineticorp Partner and Principal Engineer, Steve Fenton was leading the team on this case.  Senior Engineer Neal Carter, was analyzing police photos and decided to change the contrast in order to potentially scan for the alleged washer. Affirming his intuition, Neal found the allege washer in the photos.  Finding the washer confirmed that the force of the vehicle accident caused the washer to break from the suspension, therefore it did not cause the accident it self.

The Result:

The investigation allowed the partys to come to terms in a fair settlement.

The Team:

Steve Fenton, Neal Carter

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