Motorcycle Crash Research

Nathan Rose and Neal Carter made a trip to Edward’s Corner, an infamous portion of Mulholland Highway in California, which is notorious for motorcycle accidents. They used their own on-site research as well as analysis of videos obtained from YouTube to help determine some factors in highside motorcycle crashes.

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Video Transcription

[Nathan Rose]: This research we’re doing gives us additional data that we can rely on as we analyze crashes, what occurred. Most of the crashes we analyze, we, of course, don’t have video of. We’re having to piece together what occurred after the fact based on the physical evidence. So, if we have a crash that’s captured on video, that allows us to determine for that instance what the physical evidence means based on the video and then we can take that knowledge to a case where we don’t have video, we just have the physical evidence and it gives us additional data about what that physical evidence means.

We’re going to Edward’s Corner. Edward’s Corner is a curve on the Mulholland Highway where a lot of motorcycle crashes occur. There’s a gentleman who has a YouTube channel where he posts videos of motorcycles crashing on Edward’s Corner. And so, we’re going to Edward’s Corner today to do some documentation of that corner with a total station, with a three dimensional laser scanner, these are devices that will give us three dimensional data about those corners, like the radius of the curve, cross slope, things of that nature that will help us with determining what occurred in the videos we’re analyzing.

[Neal Carter]: Typically, most people use YouTube for entertainment. We’re actually using it for research in this context.