Heavy Truck Crash

Accident Reconstruction Case Study

This accident reconstruction case study involved a collision between a tractor trailer and two other vehicles. The tractor trailer crossed the double yellow line into oncoming traffic, impacting a truck and a minivan. Kineticorp was asked to reconstruct the accident. The event data recorders (EDR) on each vehicle assisted in the reconstruction of this accident. Kineticorp was hired to reconstruct this accident and develop physics based animations for trial.

The Process:

Kineticorp’s Nathan Rose and Neal Carter arrived at the scene shortly after the accident had occurred to gather evidence. The team was also able to collect information from the event data recorders of all three vehicles involved, revealing specific inputs related to acceleration, speed and steering wheel inputs as well as other significant data; this information revealed the positions and speeds of the vehicles. Initial witness statements described the truck swerving into oncoming traffic a couple miles prior to the event.  All this information was taken into account when simulating the accident in PC Crash.  The PC Crash simulation was then used to create physics based animations by Forensic Animator Tomas Owens.

The Result:

The investigation allowed our team to create an accurate representation of the accident resulting in a fair settlement prior to scheduled depositions.

The Team:

Nathan Rose, Neal Carter, Tomas Owens

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