Dana Thornton

Senior Forensic Engineer

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Mr. Thornton graduated with Special Honors from the Univeristy of Colorado at Denver. In his senior year,  Mr. Thornton enrolled in a special topics course on Impact Mechanics, taught by Kineticorp founding partner Nathan Rose. At the end of the semester, Mr. Thornton began an internship with Kineticorp that led to a full-time position in 2010.

Since then, Mr. Thornton has investigated and reconstructed hundreds of accidents involving a wide array of vehicles including bicycles, motorcycles, passenger cars, buses and other commercial vehicles including articulated truck and trailer combinations. A large portion of this these reconstructions focused on product liability, specifically rollover crashes that were preceded by tire disablements. Other product liability work involved the reconstruction of crashes in claims of occupant protection, fuel-fed fires, and other crashworthiness claims including component specific issues such as seat back yielding/failure. More recently, Mr. Thornton has added strict liability cases to his portfolio. Many of these cases incorporate his training in Human Factors. These cases included topics such as nighttime visibility and perception response time.

Mr. Thornton continues his education and training by regularly attending courses offered by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), Northwestern University Center for Public Safety and others. Some of these courses have included: Applying Automotive EDR Data to Traffic Crash Reconstruction (SAE), Advanced Crash Reconstruction Utilizing Human Factors Research (Northwestern), Vehicle Dynamics for Passenger Cars and Light Trucks (SAE), and Accessing and Interpreting Heavy Vehicle Event Data Recorders (SAE). Mr. Thornton is also conducting research in the area of Impact Modelling and Low-Speed Impacts.

Mr. Thornton has a passion and talent for teaching.  He has provided Continuing Legal Education by presenting on topics such as: MAX Impact – Bringing 3D Modelling Software Out of the Office and Into the Courtroom, presented at the American Bar Association’s 2017 Emerging Issues in Motor Vehicle Product Liability Litigation and How Immersive Animations and Virtual Reality are used to Present Complex Concepts to Juries, presented at Bowman and Brooke (Los Angeles, 2018).

Mr. Thornton’s education, experience and training has allowed him to contribute significant insight when developing reports for his casework and conducting research .

Featured Publications:
Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)
International Journal of Transportation Safety

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