Connor Smith

Accident Reconstructionist
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Connor Smith investigates and reconstructs vehicular accidents. He analyzes evidence, conducts vehicle and scene inspections, and performs calculations using principles of physics. Mr. Smith has investigated and reconstructed accidents involving passenger vehicles, motorcycles, buses and articulated tractor-trailer combinations. Many of these accidents involved roadside barriers, rollover events and post collision fires.

Mr. Smith has conducted vehicle and scene inspections using a camera and surveying equipment. He has experience analyzing physical evidence related to vehicular crashes as well as surveying, documenting, and 3D scanning of vehicles and scene evidence.

Mr. Smith has conducted instrumented vehicle testing on passenger and commercial vehicles using a VBOX Data Acquisition System. Mr. Smith has also imaged vehicle Event Data using the Bosch Crash Data Retrieval System (CDR).

Mr. Smith has experience utilizing accident reconstruction software to analyze dynamic, multi-vehicle crash sequences and impacts. Mr. Smith has reconstructed accidents involving vehicles traveling in opposite directions on median separated roadways and multiple vehicle intersection collisions.

Prior to joining Kineticorp in 2014, Mr. Smith was a Design Engineer at Zachry Engineering Corporation, where he was a contributing and team lead engineer on various projects in the Process, Petrochemical and Power Industries. Prior to his work at Zachry, Mr. Smith was a Manufacturing Engineer at Altec Industries, where he was the lead Manufacturing Engineer over two fiberglass composite products used on aerial trucks, digger derricks, and tree care utility vehicles. Mr. Smith contributed to an engineering team that managed the production of filament wound FRP epoxy booms and centrifuge cast FRP polyester booms.

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