Kineticorp Insight – Left Turning Heavy Trucks Research

Kineticorp Accident Reconstructionist, Drew Donaldson, takes us behind the scenes of some research David Danaher, Sean McDonough and himself are conducting regarding the acceleration of heavy trucks.  This is follow up research related to a paper that is set to be published through SAE in April.  

Video Transcription

Hi, my name is Drew Donaldson with Kineticorp. We’re out here in Commerce City today doing some research on left turning heavy trucks. A significant percentage of accidents involving heavy trucks are when they are turning left across traffic. So we’re out here, going to do some ground level filming. We’re going to do some aerial filming with a drone, bring the data back, and analyze their speed and acceleration through turns to determine lateral acceleration and relate it to their acceleration capabilities.

The research we’re doing is a follow-up to our SAE paper, published in 2019, regarding straight line acceleration for heavy trucks. This research is going to be published in a paper, also through SAE, expanding upon the acceleration of heavy trucks in relation to how they perform through left turns.