Wayne J. Biever

Certified Human Factors Professional
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Wayne Biever, a Certified Human Factors Professional, has investigated and reconstructed accidents involving pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, passenger cars, buses, off-road vehicles and commercial and heavy vehicles including articulated truck and trailer combinations. Many of these accidents involved roadside barriers, varying terrain features and post-collision fires. He has also reconstructed many single vehicle, loss-of-control accidents including rollover accidents.

Mr. Biever has conducted testing and analysis of human subject performance in the driving environment including: perception and reaction time, eye glance and scanning behavior and vehicle dynamics. This testing involved instrumented vehicles and video analysis.

As a Certified Bosch Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) System® Level 2 Technician, Mr. Biever applies the knowledge and skills obtained during graduate coursework and industry experience in Human Factors Engineering as well as basic mechanics to the reconstruction of accidents with an emphasis on vehicular collisions.

Mr. Biever currently employs the knowledge obtained during his undergraduate coursework in physics to the reconstruction of vehicle accidents. This coursework included the fundamentals of Newtonian mechanics, conservation of momentum and energy, and impact mechanics.

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