Tilo Voitel

Accident Reconstructionist
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Tilo Voitel is an accident reconstructionist who has investigated over 2,300 traffic collisions. He has testified as an expert witness more than 100 times in both criminal and civil proceedings in California, Colorado, and Nevada courts. Over the duration of his career, Mr. Voitel has conducted hundreds of witness interviews at the accident scene.

For 21 years, Mr. Voitel served as a police officer in both California and Colorado. He is certified by the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR), the only international agency which offers certification for traffic accident reconstructionists.

Mr. Voitel has extensive experience performing vehicle accident investigations throughout the United States. His hands-on investigative experience includes inspections of hundreds of vehicles: passenger cars, motorcycles, trucks, commercial vehicles and bicycles.

Mr.Voitel has also co-authored publications related to accident reconstruction for the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). In addition, Mr. Voitel has taught accident reconstruction classes to attorneys, law enforcement officers and insurance claims professionals. He is a licensed motorcycle rider, licensed commercial vehicle operator and avid water skier and boater, and is working towards obtaining his private pilot license in sailplanes.

  • Traffic Signal Timing (Opticom Systems, Signal Timing Report Analysis)
  • Public Transportation Vehicle Accidents (Taxis, Buses, Light Rail)
  • Investigated More Than 200 Emergency Vehicle Accidents (Police, Fire and Ambulance Responding to an Emergency)
  • Vehicle Dynamics Testing (skid, acceleration, crash testing)
  • Pedestrian Accident Testing (field testing to validate accident reconstruction methods)
  • Visibility Testing (nighttime visibility, visibility obstruction by house, fence, bushes, sun glare, sun position, weather, etc.)
  • Mechanical Inspections (determined if mechanical failure contributed to a collision)
  • Crush Damage Analysis
  • CDR and HV EDR Data Analysis
  • Vehicle Rollover Analysis (reconstruction of occupant positions, speeds, ejection portals, seatbelt use)
  • Restraint System Inspections

Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE),
Journal of Association for Crime Scene Reconstruction (ACSR)

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