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SAE 2017-01-1437 – An Introduction to Forensic Acquisition of Passenger Vehicle Infotainment and Telematics Systems Data

SAE 2017-01-1427 – Deceleration Rates of Vehicles with Disabled Tires

SAE 2017-01-1422 – An Evaluation of Two Methodologies for Lens Distortion Removal When EXIF Data is Unavailable

SAE 2017-01-1414 – Application of 3D Visualization in Modeling Wheel Stud Contact Patterns with Rotating and Stationary Surfaces

SAE 2017-01-1413 – Video Analysis of Motorcycle and Rider Dynamics During High-Side Falls

SAE 2017-01-1366 – Comparing a Timed Exposure Methodology to the Nighttime Recognition Responses from SHRP-2 Naturalistic Drivers

SAE 2016-01-1497 – A Compendium of Passenger Vehicle Event Data Recorder Literature and Analysis of Validation Studies 

SAE 2016-01-1478 – Determining Position & Speed through Pixel Tracking and 2D Coordinate Transformation in 3D Environment 

SAE 2016-01-1475A Survey of Multi-View Photogrammetry Software for Documenting Vehicle Crush

SAE 2016-01-1470 – Post-Impact Dynamics for Vehicles with a High Yaw Velocity

SAE 2016-01-1467 – Evaluation of the Accuracy of Image Based Scanning as a Basis for Photogrammetric Reconstruction of.

SAE 2016-01-1461 – Data Acquisition using Smart Phone Applications

SAE 2016-01-0415 – Nighttime Videographic Projection Mapping to Generate Photo-Realistic Simulation Environments 

SAE 2015-01-1422 – Validation of Equations for Motorcycle and Rider Lean on a Curve 

SAE 2014-01-0464 – Vehicle Acceleration Modeling in PC-Crash

SAE 2014-01-0477 – Further Assessment of the Uncertainty of CRASH3 Delta-V and Energy Loss Calculations

SAE 2013-01-0788 – Video Projection Mapping Photogrammetry through Video Tracking

SAE 2013-01-0778 – Using Data from a DriveCam Event Recorder to Reconstruct a Vehicle-to-Vehicle Impact

SAE 2013-01-0776 – A Comparison of 25 High Speed Tire Disablements Involving Full and Partial Tread Separations

ABA 2013-Spring – The Misunderstood Witness – Event Data Recorders for Heavy Vehicles

SAE 2012-01-0620 – Comparison of Calculated Speeds for a Yawing and Braking Vehicle to Full-Scale Vehicle Tests

ABA 2012-Summer – Automotive Event Data Recorders Ushering in a New Era of Accident Reconstruction

SAE 2011-01-0286 – Photogrammetric Measurement Error Associated with Lens Distortion

SAE 2010-01-0929 – Evaluation of Photometric Data Files for Use in Headlamp Light Distribution

SAE 2009-01-0092 – Determining Vehicle Steering and Braking from Yaw Mark Striations

SAE 2009-01-0093 – Development of a Variable Deceleration Rate Approach to Rollover Crash Reconstruction

SAE 2009-01-0110 – Simulating Headlamp Illumination Using Photometric Light Clusters

SAE 2009-01-0822 – Analysis of a Dolly Rollover with PC-Crash

SAE 2008-01-0350 – A Method to Quantify Vehicle Dynamics and Deformation for Vehicle Rollover Tests Using Camera -Matching Video...

SAE 2008-01-0178 – Analysis of Vehicle-to-Ground Impacts during a Rollover with an Impulse-Momentum Impact Model

SAE 2008-01-0194 – The Influence of Vehicle-to-Ground Impact Conditions on Rollover Dynamics and Severity

SAE 2008-01-0166 – Occupant Ejection Trajectories in Rollover Crashes: Full-Scale Testing and Real World Cases

ASA 2008-PMA040001 – Evaluation of Discrete Vehicle Accident Sounds for use in Accident Reconstruction

SAE 2007-01-0730 – Quantifying the Uncertainty in the Coefficient of Restitution Obtained with Accelerometer Data from a Crash Test

SAE 2007-01-0726 – Factors Influencing Roof-to-Ground Impact Severity: Video Analysis and Analytical Modeling

ASA 2007-PMA015001 – Methodology for Physics-Based Sound Composition in Forensic Visualization

SAE 2006-01-0723 – Image Analysis of Rollover Crash Tests Using Photogrammetry

SAE 2006-01-0908 – Restitution Modeling for Crush Analysis: Theory and Validation

SAE 2005-01-1200 – Crush and Conservation of Energy Analysis: Toward a Consistant Methodology

SAE 2004-01-1221 – A Video Tracking Photogrammetry Technique to Survey Roadways for Accident Reconstruction

SAE 2004-01-1181 – An Examination of the Crash3 Effective Mass Concept

SAE 2001-01-3347 – Integrating Monte Carlo Simulation, Momentum-Based Impact Modeling, and Restitution Data to Analyze Crash Severity

SAE 2001-01-3313 – Determining Crash Data Using Camera Matching Photogrammetric Technique

I CRASH 2000 – Using Digital Photogrammetry to Determine Crash Severity

SAE 1999-01-0439 – Using Digital Photogrammetry to Determine Vehicle Crush and Equivalent Barrier Speed (EBS)

SAE 970944 – Accident Scene Diagramming Using New Photogrammetric Technique

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