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David Pentecost investigates and reconstructs vehicular accidents including rollovers, tire disablements, and motorcycles. He uses the latest in physics-based vehicle modeling and dynamics software, current reconstruction techniques based on Conservation of Energy and Momentum, and data from Event Data Recorders. Mr. Pentecost also performs product liability investigations and testing.

When completing an accident reconstruction workup, Mr. Pentecost performs both subject and exemplary vehicle inspections using 3D scanning and photographic documentation techniques. Mr. Pentecost focuses his attention to all mechanical aspects of vehicular documentation as evidence of maintenance, user alteration, and their possible effects to the vehicle capabilities/original characteristics. When performing non-vehicle product liability analysis, Mr. Pentecost uses his Professional Engineering background in along with his advanced Mechanical Engineering degree to bring additional insight into his analysis.

Mr. Pentecost has designed, conducted, and participated in full-scale motorcycle dynamics testing that has resulted in multiple peer-reviewed publications focused around motorcycles. This testing includes acceleration and braking documentation, suspension compression and tire size effects on ride height/ground clearance/maximum lean angle. As a rider himself, Mr. Pentecost enjoys analyzing motorcycle cases and applying his on-road learned skills and knowledge. Mr. Pentecost has also participated in tire disablement testing and analysis resulting in peer-reviewed publications pertaining to vehicle dynamics before, during, and after a tire failure.

Mr. Pentecost’s areas of specialty include:

  • Suspension Component Condition / Maintenance and Their Effects
  • Tire Disablement Effects on Vehicle Dynamics
  • Rollover Reconstructions
  • Motorcycle Vehicle Dynamics
  • Commercial Load Shifting

Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE),
Collision: The International Compendium for Crash Research

Funded Research
Using Data from a DriveCam Event Recorder to Reconstruct a Vehicle-to-Vehicle Impact, funded, in part, by DriveCam – The Driver Science Company, 2012-13.

  • Excellence in Oral Presentation Award, Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), 2013
  • Arch T. Colwell Merit Award, Society of Automotive Engineers Hattı (SAE), 2006
  • Newman Award for Acoustic Excellence (First Place Award), 2000
  • Pratt Institute Competition “Artificial Islands,” design exhibited in gallery, 1999
  • Graduate Scholarship, Washington University, 1999
  • Graduate Scholarship, Rice University, 1998
  • Van Allen Institute Competition “Pier 54,” Top 50 Design, exhibited in gallery, 1997
  • Olin Cup Finalist, Washington University, 1993

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