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At Kineticorp, we consistently pursue research that helps us answer the technical questions our clients ask us. This research helps us to continue to innovate in our industry, to develop efficient and effective analysis methods, and positions us to educate our clients and future clients. From case studies and research videos to publications and blogs, we created this accident reconstruction resource page to help litigators and other experts.

Case Study Videos

There is a multi-layered story behind every case we work on. There’s the human element to the story – the people’s lives that are affected by a crash. But, there’s also the scientific element to the story – the physical evidence and what it tells us about how the crash occurred. The accident reconstruction case studies we have developed for this page tell the scientific side of the story and are meant to educate litigators and other accident reconstructionists. If you would like to view our library of accident reconstruction case studies and learn more about our experts and their work visit our case studies page.

Case Studies Page

Research Videos

At Kineticorp, we emphasize research and testing. These are an important part of our process when investigating accidents. It’s our research that enables us to answer the difficult technical questions our clients are asking and it’s our research that gives us to ability to educate juries. Our research page is a simple breakdown of some of the research we have conducted. If you would like to view our library of accident reconstruction research videos and learn more about our experts and their work visit our research videos page.

Research Videos Page


The research and testing that we perform at Kineticorp has been published in numerous peer-reviewed publications. We have over 70 publications on this page that you can use as a resource. Most of the publications are available for direct download from our site and others can be purchased directly through the publisher. To learn more about our publications visit our publications page.

Publications Page


The Kineticorp Forensic Science Round Table is a podcast we created to discuss research and topics associated with forensic science. Each episode will give you a deeper understanding of one topic within forensic science and engineering. We feature not only our own experts, but also other experts in the forensic and litigation space. These podcasts are a great resource for both expert witnesses and litigators regarding technology, litigation, and innovation. To listen to our podcast visit our podcast page.

Podcast Page


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