Kineticorp is an experienced firm with an innovative approach to accident reconstruction. We use cutting-edge technology in both engineering and visualization to analyze evidence, determine its significance, and to clearly communicate our findings.


We are research-intensive, trial-tested and communication-focused.
Rigorous investigation and analysis are not enough. It matters that our work gets admitted at the time of trial and that it withstands cross-examination. We work hard to develop and maintain a culture where research is emphasized and internal peer-reviews are encouraged which has resulted in the admissibility of our work. Kineticorp’s culture drives the strength of our conclusions in the face of cross-examination. We formulate opinions that are not only accurate and justified, but are relevant and provide useful and clear information. Of course, many cases settle before going to trial, but we have found that analysis and trial exhibits prepared to withstand the rigors of trial are also valuable tools in mediation and settlement conferences.



Kineticorp’s team of Accident Reconstructionist and Forensic Animators are dedicated to leading the industry in the research that impacts our cases.  It allows us to extensively understand the physical evidence that we are presented with when analyzing cases.

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